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WhatsApp finally allow you to use the same account on several devices


WhatsApp will allow very soon use your same account on several devices. This is a very important novelty that other apps like Telegram have been including for years and, moreover, could mean the arrival of native applications for iPad and Apple Watch.

Since WhatsApp exists its way of logging in has not changed and it is through a telephone number, but when you started session on another device the previous session was closed, this should change very soon according to the new information that just appeared.

Soon you can use WhatsApp on several devices at once

A while ago WhatsApp laz WhatsApp Web, a kind of app that we can access from the internet and from any device, for example an iPad. WhatsApp Web was the only way to have WhatsApp open on two devices, however it completely depends on our smartphone.

Yes our iPhone turned off or stopped having coverage, WhatsApp Web stopped working on our iPad or computer. Apparently this ceases to be so soon what opens a wide range of possibilities. As the WABetaInfo account has been reported on Twitter, you will soon be able to use WhatsApp on your computer even if your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone is turned off.

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In principle the information refers to WhatsApp on the computer, which is independent of our iPhone, but it is easy to imagine that this function can easily be extended to other devices. For years we have asked WhatsApp to launch an official app for the iPad and another for the Apple Watch, but the problem was precisely that you could not have the same account started on several devices.

With this news announced by WABetaInfo this restriction disappears and it may be At last let's see how new apps reach the rest of Apple devices. We know that WhatsApp is working on an iPad version that is most likely related to this new information that just appeared. At the moment everything is rumor and there is nothing confirmed, but it seems that the most used messenger app in the world is working on it.