Waylet, Repsol's firm proposal to pay with the iPhone


Cepsa was the first to bet seriously on Spain for mobile payments, making a great logistical effort so that most of the gas stations would adapt to a payment method as different from usual as Cepsa Pay. This obviously has not gone unnoticed for Repsol, that although it has needed enough time to respond, the truth is that it is presented with an alternative to height.


The main motivation for the use of this type of applications is the saving of time and money. To start with the positive points, it must be said that Waylet meets both premises since it allows us to save queues when paying, as well as the same process of doing so. But more important perhaps, provides us with discounts simply by using the application, currently encrypted at 3 cents per liter, but that may vary.

Waylet of course offers, just like his main competitor, the possibility of adding the points card of the entity so as not to have to pass it individually in the payment. And speaking of payment, we simply have to add a credit card and it will be done automatically without having to take it out of your pocket at any time, although in this aspect we must recognize that Cepsa Pay can take some advantage when working with PayPal, while Repsol has not opted for it.


Although the applications that usually have achievements are those of health or videogames, in Repsol they have thought that perhaps it was a good option to encourage the use of the application through a system of personal levels that are complemented with achievements by activity, something certainly curious in an app of this type. They give us waylet points for carrying out various tasks such as filling in personal data or refueling with the app, to give two examples.

There are four levels (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) through which we access different promotions. For example, in silver we have additional discounts or raffles for laundering, while in platinum we will enter raffles for tickets to cultural and VIP events. It is hoped that Repsol will also add new incentives and rewards, since the application has just started working as it says.

It is therefore a worthy rival of Cepsa Pay and an indispensable application in the mobile to save money in each refueling of the orange oil company.

Finally review that Repsol temporarily offers a promotion through which € 3 is discounted on any refueling of more than € 20, provided that it is recommended by someone. If you want to access this discount, you can use the code 2fy22234 Once you download the application.

Our assessment

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