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Top 5 applications to make schedules

Classes, work, events to plan, tasks to be done, reminders … Whether we like it or not, these and other words predominate in our day. Tasks that sometimes we find it hard to keep in mind if we have not organized in advance through notes or schedules. Although it looks like things from our childhood, the schedules help us see at a glance what we have pending and, above all, how much time we have of margin to carry it out.

S formerly we made them by hand (either in color, black and white, large size or pocket), We can currently do them on our iPhone or iPad and have them fully synchronized between all our devices in seconds.

Once again, we have been searching and testing in the App Store to bring you a compilation with what for us are the FIVE best applications to make schedules, organize and increase productivity.

The best applications to make schedules

We start with a very simple and intuitive design app, so we don't get lost between adjustments. It offers, of course, several customization options, such as the extension of the days there will be those who have many obligations and others, on the contrary, they may remain blank – and the change of location of the axis of the days of the week and hours.

You can make two different schedules, share them via Twitter and Facebook or by mail and specify the different subjects we have (subject, teacher's name and classroom), as well as develop a schedule of exams. And all this, if we wish, differentiated by colors. It also offers the app for the Apple Watch.

Similar to the previous one, it offers different colors with which to identify the subjects or activities that we should carry out and, if consulted on the iPad, the larger size of this screen provides a very illustrative panoramic view. In addition, if we wish, this application can send us notifications to inform us when to start the next class.

We can also edit pending issues and tasks and modify the duration intervals of the classes. And all this on a black background reminiscent of the usual blackboards.

A great application that allows us to organize not only the classes or events that we have scheduled, but also allows us to differentiate between classes, pending tasks and the dates of future exams.

My Study Life also send us notifications with deadlines for jobs, and even if there is any conflict between classes, exams, jobs so that nothing catches us by surprise.