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The best camera apps for iPhone from the App Store

iPhone photos camera

This summer you will surely use your iPhone to make a large number of photos, the smartphone camera It always accompanies us and is often the best option at the time of taking a picture. The quality of the iPhone camera is more sufficient for the vast majority of photos we want to take on our vacation and there are many applications that enhance its functions.

Today we bring you 6 amazing applications, with some you can control up to the smallest parameter when taking a picture and with others get incredible effects worthy of a professional camera.

iPhone camera

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The 6 camera applications you need on your iPhone

The iPhone camera app is perfect for aiming and shooting, but if you want to give a different effect to your photos you must download these applications.

ProCam 6

This application brings us to the iPhone typical options of professional cameras in which we can adjust a large number of functions. It is an application for advanced users at the photographic level so it is not for everyone. With ProCam 6 we can control focus, exposure, shutter speed, ISO and white balance as well as many other functions. A perfect application for Advanced users.

Camera + 2

Similar to the previous one, Camera + 2 give us a wide variety of options when taking a photo. Again we can select the shutter speed, iOS sensitivity, white balance, exposure and even take photos in RAW format. Again it is an app for photo experts although also for those who want to learn.

Obscura 2

With Obscura 2 we also have a powerful application with Multiple options that we can configure but with a more friendly interface and for all types of users. It also includes different filters and options that will improve your photos in just a couple of touches.


We have already talked about this app before and its function is to improve the portrait mode incredibly. We can adjust the depth or blur of a photo in real time, we can even do it after making it or with photos of our galley. It also has a function that allows us to select the point we want to focus on, an essential app.


One of the last photographic applications that has reached the App Store and that allow us take long exposure photos very easily. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence Specter is responsible for carrying out the entire process, you just have to hold the iPhone.

Cinemagraph Pro

This is an app with which you can get unique photos thanks to a movement effect, basically it allows you to create a hybrid between static and moving images. We just have to make a small video and then select the part that we want to move from the photo. The results will surprise you and it's a great app for the most artists.

With these appeals you can surprise everyone with the photos taken with your iPhone to get incredible shots with which many will doubt if they are really made with a mobile camera. Perfect applications for this vacation.