OtterBox Defender, maximum protection for your iPhone

OtterBox Defender, maximum protection for your iPhone

When you talk about protection for your iPhone there are different possibilities, but When you want your smartphone to be as rugged as it can be, there is only one valid option: OtterBox. The brand has been offering cases for iPhone and iPad for years where protection is what matters, and today we analyze its most representative case: OtterBox Defender.

A cover of four pieces in total with maximum protection and with direct access to the screen to avoid losing any sensitivity and enjoy the quality of the image of our iPhone without giving up the peace of mind of being able to use it in the most extreme situations. Available for all iPhone models, we have tested it on the XS Max and we tell you our conclusions below.

Four pieces in a case

This OtterBox Defender consists of four elements that together give the maximum protection you can find. A rigid polycarbonate shell that consists of two pieces, one rear and one front, which are assembled on your iPhone and give consistency to the case. Above this housing, the outer rubber sheath is placed, which will protect against falls and cover the Lightning port and the vibration switch, as well as the volume and shutdown buttons. Finally, a last rigid polycarbonate front case, which acts as a screen protection and at the same time serves to carry the iPhone on your belt thanks to the clip it incorporates. This last piece is removed and put on quickly, it is thought more to look at the belt than to wear it on the placed iPhone.

The placement of the different elements must be done in the order that I have commented before. It is a simple procedure, although it requires a couple of minutes to put it on and take it off.. It is not a case that you can put on and take off in a few seconds, the idea is to use it daily if you need it, or on time but for extended periods.

This OtterBox Defender is not characterized by its thinness, it is something that is obvious. If you are looking for a thin protective case, this is not the most suitable model. It is a protective case, but really, and it shows from the moment you place it and take the iPhone with the handleor. The grip is perfect, and the feeling is that you could throw the iPhone against the ground and it wouldn't break. The cut for the camera fits perfectly, and next to the cuts for the speaker and microphone, they are the only elements that are visible through the case.

The Lightning port and the vibration switch are accessible, but they remain behind small rubber caps of the sheath itself that protect them. They are easy to put on and take off, they are not uncomfortable. The vibrator switch, despite being quite buried inside the case, is easily accessible to activate or deactivate once the cover is removed. The volume and power buttons remain inside the case, but despite what it might look like with the thickness of the case, its pulsation is very good, much better than with other cases much thinner.

Free screen design

Unlike other models of the brand or other brands, andThis case does not have direct screen protection. Personally I don't like them because I find them very annoying and I end up not using the case. I prefer to place (if I want) a conventional screen protector, because the one that usually incorporates these covers greatly affect the sensitivity of the screen and its display, especially when there is direct light. So this design of the OtterBox Defender seems very successful. And personally I like the design, despite the thickness of the case.

When you evaluate something you must always keep in mind what the main purpose of that accessory is, and in this case we talk about protection. Yes, it is a thick case, it may be too thick for many … but then you do not need the protection offered by this OtterBox. We are talking about a case for people who use their iPhone at work, and not for an office job precisely, or for sports activities with your iPhone, such as cycling, mountaineering or any other activity in which the iPhone runs a serious risk of falling to the ground. If we add to this protection against dust, the result is an all-terrain cover like few others.

The cover you see in the images is the OtterBox Defender Pro, practically identical to the OtterBox Defender except that the latter does have the cut for the Apple logo on the back. The rest of the differences are minor: the Pro model has those transverse stripes in the design, which does not have the normal model, and the Pro model silicone has protection against germs, which does not have the normal model. In terms of materials, protection and thickness are the same. At the moment in Europe the Pro model is not available, only the normal one.

Editor's Opinion

The OtterBox Defender case, either in the normal or the Pro model, offers the maximum protection that can be found against falls, and also protects against dust, but not against water. This has a price to pay, and that is that the thickness of the device increases considerably, and that we completely hide its design. But despite what it might seem, it is not a case that costs work to carry, on the contrary. Designed for intense and risky activities, the only downside that can be put is the absence of protection against water, but let's not forget that the iPhone already comes as standard. Its price is also very interesting, costing the model for XS Max € 39.99 on Amazon (link). Other models are available at similar prices (link)

Otterbox Defender

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

€ 39.99


  • Maximum protection
  • Careful design
  • Sensational grip
  • Free screen
  • Compatible with wireless charging


  • No protection against water

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