Logitech POWERED, a new wireless charging base for your iPhone

Logitech POWERED, a new wireless charging base for your iPhone

Logitech POWERED, is a new wireless charging base that arrives to facilitate the charging and use of our iPhone. First of all, it must be said on this basis that it is designed specifically for the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

The newly presented charging base is designed so you can use the iPhone while charging and it is about facilitating the use at that opportune moment in which we are loading. It has the Qi certificate and is optimized for use with our iPhone.

Watching a video or reading a recipe in the kitchen is possible thanks to the design of this new Logitech base. The "U" shaped rubber base keeps the iPhone stable even with a cover up to 3 mm thick that does not contain magnetic pieces and obviously not made of metal. Among them are Apple silicone and leather cases. To charge an iPhone 8 Plus, the case must have the bottom fully open, but the rest of the models work without any requirement as to the cases we use.

These are some of the main specifiations

Load output:

  • iPhone, up to 7.5 W
  • Other smartphones compatible with Qi, 5 W


  • Screen angle: 65 degrees
  • Support orientation: Vertical and horizontal
  • Guided placement with U-shaped charging base

Security Features:

  • Overheat protection with internal heat regulation sensors
  • No loud fans
  • Stable design with non-slip material

Power adapter:

  • Input: 100-240 v ~ 50/60 Hz 0.5 A
  • Output: 16.1 v -1,125 A


  • Integrated charging cable with TPU
  • Length: 1.5m

Safety is important in this type of accessories

An important part of this type of accessories is the security that is not going to burn or cause any problem to our iPhone and in this case the POWERED, offers a safe and silent charge. Base uses internal thermal sensors to intelligently manage the temperature and prevent overheating. If the temperature starts to rise too much, a cooling process that dispenses with noisy fans automatically starts and all without affecting the iPhone's charge. The base has an LED on the top that indicates that the iPhone device is charging while hiding behind the phone so that the light does not distract.

Price and availability

This new Logitech POWERED base will be available from August 2018 in regular stores with a Price of € 79.99.

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