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KUNI Cam and Glitch Dash are our recommended app and game of the week

iPhone App Store

As you probably know every Sunday we bring you a game and an app that is worth having installed on your iPhone or iPad. This week's recommendations are KUNI Cam and Glitch Dash, an application to give a retro touch to your photos and a hard game in which you can not lose even a second.

Applications are something as important in today's smartphones as the devices themselves. And if something stands out iOS is for your amazing App Store, the place where the best apps and games in the world are.

App of the week: KUNI Cam

If there is something that is fashionable it is retro and with this application you can give an incredible touch to your photographs. With KUNI Cam your digital photos will seem analogous thanks to a very large number of filters available to get completely unique photos.

It is a completely free app compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that have iOS 11.0 or later installed. Includes purchases within the app if you want to add new filters and options to edit your photos.

Game of the week: Glitch Dash

This game will test your skills and reflexes like no other. In Glitch Dash we must overcome a circuit full of obstacles in first person moving around the screen to try to avoid them. We have hammers, axes, geometrical obstacles and even laser beams spread across the screen that cannot touch us.

This is a free game compatible with all iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 7 and up, a very entertaining obstacle course game.

These have been our two recommendations this week, hopefully you liked them. If they have done it is possible that the last week also do, with one of the best card games with characters from Capcom and one of the best apps to concentrate on the App Store.