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Instagram is already beginning to hide the number of likes of the photos

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Instagram has become one of the social networks of reference and it is possible that at the mental level it can be quite hard for the youngest. In a time when popularity is measured in the number of likes Having your posts, not getting the "likes" you want can be exhausting. However, the app is studying ending this reason problem.

We already told you a few weeks ago Instagram plans and the social network has just started a test in Australia and has eliminated the ability to see the number of likes of the photos temporarily. You can see the “likes” of your posts, but the rest will not be able to do it.

Be the end of likes?

It is a very controversial change with which not everyone agrees. Many argue that if the number of likes of a publication for what they will give a "Like". However, from Instagram they do not think the same and, although they maintain that at the moment it is a test, they think it is a necessary change.

“We want Instagram to be a place where people feel comfortable expressing themselves”

And according to a study conducted in the United Kingdom in 2017, of the five most important social networks, Instagram was the most damaging to the mental health of young people. Instagram is taking it very seriously and we have already seen how it has applied new rules against stalkers.

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We'll see if Instagram finally ends up extending this new feature that just let you see the likes of your posts. Although no one prevents you from capturing and displaying the “Like” number of one of your posts, it may not be such a bad measure after all.