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How to turn off, restart or activate iPhone X

Minimalism to the extreme, that is what the Cupertino company has wanted to carry out with the iPhone X, so much so that we have stayed at a stroke without the Home button that so characterized the iPhone terminals. Be that as it may, now some doubts begin to arise about the operation and gesture patterns of the iPhone X, but in iPhone News we have arrived to give you a cable.

Who would want to turn off the iPhone X? You never know, but Today we are going to show you what are the routes to turn off, restart or activate the iPhone X according to your needs. If you have an iPhone X and many doubts, you should not miss this small but necessary tutorial.

These three actions are not usual in iOS, so we may have some other doubt when performing simple tasks, we go there.

  • How can I turn off or restart my iPhone X? To turn off the iPhone X, surprisingly, we will have to press the Power button (right side) and the Volume + button (left side) for approximately six seconds, until it appears on the screen "Slide to turn off", then by sliding the switch the terminal will turn off completely.
  • How can I make a forced shutdown of the iPhone X? Sometimes the phone could be locked, for this we would have to use a "forced shutdown" whose key combination is quite interesting. We must press and release volume up, press and release volume down and keep the power button, then Apple Lake will be displayed and the terminal will restart.
  • How do I activate the iPhone screen without unlocking it? To do this you just have to make a small touch of two seconds anywhere on the screen being locked and we will see the lock screen.

They are two quite curious shortcuts, precisely the same buttons are used for all kinds of secondary actions such as screenshots. We hope once again that our tutorial has served to get you out of trouble.

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