GrayKey herramienta desbloqueo iOS

GrayKey, as is the tool that can expose your iPhone password

Graykey software

A few days ago the name of a company came to light (Grayshift) that claimed to have in its possession a software capable of getting the unlock code of an iPhone. It was commented that this action was intended only for the government forces of the country – speaking of the United States. No details were given on how this worked software The appearance of the machine used to expose the unlock code was not known.

However, the coa has not been there and images of the machine being used have been revealed, and how it works. Moreover, it has been discovered what the price of this tool is and that there are two versions: one complete and another that could be called the "Lite" version. The name of this tool is Graykey.

GrayKey iOS unlock tool

GrayKey is the equipment that the Grayshift company uses to get the codes. As we said, there are two variants: a complete one that has a price of $ 30,000 and a capped version —Lite— that has a price of $ 15,000. In addition, the first does not need an Internet connection while the second does.

On the other hand, GrayKey is a small box with two Lightning cables. When you connect the iPhone — and we assume that iPad — software is installed inside the Apple computer that will begin with the search for the unlock code. This operation takes two minutes of time, although once the GrayKey iOS device is disconnected, the operation will take at least two hours and can be extended up to a total of 3-4 dayss. This will depend on the extension of the code used and the type.

GrayKey specifications

image: Forbes

On the other hand, the iPhone that has been intervened is left with a black screen that will inform the country's intelligence services. It will be there where the code appears and the time it has taken to accomplish the achievement. Meanwhile, and as well indicated from MalwarebytesLab, no details are known about whether the company is selling the equipment abroad, what happens to the data collected from those intervened iPhone and if they suffer any damage.

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