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Children of the Light and Facelab, our recommended game and app of the week

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Every week you have an appointment with us and with our recommendations of the week. This Sunday we bring you a highly anticipated and incredible game and an app capable of improving your selfies and photos at a level that is hardly reachable for the rest.

Dozens of applications arrive every day at the App Store, probably the best app store in the world and we take care of tracking the best ones and bringing them every week. Applications are very important in today's smartphones, almost as much as the devices themselves.

Game of the week: Sky: Children of the Light

Released this week, this spectacular game is our recommendation this week. Is about a very visual different adventure and with an incredible soundtrack.

In Sky: Children of the Light we will embody the so-called Children of Light and our goal is to travel and explore 7 dream realms and return fallen stars to their constellations. Has a wide world to explore and in which the social component is a very important aspect since we can interact with other players, make friends and send messages

App of the week: Facelab

An app with which you can retouch your photos in a professional way, for that reason it is one of the most downloaded from the App Store. You can fix any defect with a set of incredible tools for facial and body retouching: reshape the face, smooth the skin, adjust the eyes, whiten the teeth and improve your natural beauty.

It is an app with incredible functions that They will make your photos look like never before This summer, show off photos on social networks thanks to this app.

These have been our two recommendations this week. If you liked it, surely tand love our recommendations last week, an amazing app to make retro photos and a game of vertigo.