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5 leisure plans to enjoy Madrid this weekend

June 1, 2019 is celebrated in Madrid onUEFA Champions League final, amomentPeak and highly anticipated by all football fans (especially Losbritnicos this year), Perotambin is all a nightmare for those Madrileos who care little or nothing about the "show" of this sport. Traffic jams, celebrations, people everywhere and traffic restrictions make more than one think of other leisure plans for the weekend.

For all those, we have prepared a selection of apps developed in Spain for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that promise such exciting plans as the final Champions League final.

Leisure plans to enjoy Madrid this weekend

oneDiscover Velzquez and Van Gogh, as you've never seen them before

Getting lost in the Paseo del Arte is always a good option since the queue to enter the museums can be much more bearable. If art is one of your passions there are TWO applications that you cannot miss:

  • Second Canvas El Prado Masterpieces: Where to discover in depth 14 fundamental works in a unique way: the app has superzoom to go into hidden details, learn unique stories or access the original sketch of Las Meninas de Velzquez or The Garden of Delights of El Bosco, among others.
  • Second Canvas Thyssen Museum:As in the previous case, Second Canvas has created an application of the Thyssen Museum where you can discover the masterpieces of Van Gogh or Pollock.

twoA dinner to suck your fingers

Madrid's gastronomy lives a great moment, but getting a table on a Saturday night in the most popular restaurants can be an odyssey except that you use Mr. Noow. An app developed in Spain that has a wide selection of restaurants of all styles, some of them with discounts. It has a geolocation tool to see if there is a Mexican or an appetizing Italian near home. For those who are reluctant to even set foot in the street, it offers the possibility of receiving food at home and enjoying it while watching a movie or a series.

3Organize a Pdel or tennis tournament

Going through a football day is not synonymous with staying at home sitting on the couch. The Spanish appPlaytomicecha a hand to the fans of paddle and tennis, putting at your disposal more than 600 clubs to reserve a track and do some exercise. In addition to those who have no opponent, the app has a player search engine that can be filtered by level and by gender.

4Discover Madrid and its surroundings