This is all we know about the iPhone XS

This is all we know about the iPhone XS

On September 12, starting at 7:00 p.m. (GMT + 2) we will be able to see exactly what Apple will offer us on its new 2018 iPhone. But in the meantime, as an appetizer, now we have a good handful of data and even some official image of the two new terminals that we can see on that day.

What will it be called? What different models will it have? What colors will be available? We are going to collect all the data we know to this day and surely we get something quite similar to what we will see in a little more than a week, but surely some surprise will be for the last moment.

iPhone XS, without Plus

The new terminal will be called iPhone XS, or rather, the two new models will be called that, because it seems that Apple is not going to use the “Plus” tag again for the larger model. It is not strange, it has long been for the iPad Pro, available in two different sizes and yet with the same name. And it is not going to be iPhone "Equis Ese" or "Excess" as some sites insist on telling us. It will be the iPhone “Ten Es” (Ten That), we like it better or we like it less. It is going to be difficult for some to abandon the iPhone “Equis” but perhaps with another year of practice we will succeed.

Two sizes: 5.8 and 6.5 inches

The rumors have been indicating for some time, and according to the latest leaks it seems that it is confirmed that there will be two different screen sizes. The 5.8 inch model will be virtually identical to the current iPhone X, at least on the outside. The 6.5-inch model will be slightly smaller than current Plus models, but with a larger screen thanks to the frameless design. It will be the same as the smaller model in design, only its dimensions will differentiate them, at least physically.

The screen resolution would be higher in the 6.5-inch model, maintaining the same pixel density, so we would get about 1242 x 2688 compared to 2435 x 1125 of the 5.8-inch model. Both screens would have the same OLED technology with 3D Touch, and in the larger model we would have the possibility of using “iPad style” applications, which would be a point in their favor. Some rumors even talk about the possibility of using two apps on screen at the same time.

White, black and gold colors

The two iPhone models will have the same colors available: white and space gray, like the current iPhone X, and also gold. This color that disappeared on the iPhone X after several years available on the iPhone that Appel launched, returns with the XS. We had seen some images of supposed iPhone X gold that never saw the light, but it seems that with the iPhone XS those who like that finish can enjoy it since its launch.

And the iPhone XS RED? It is the dream of many, after seeing the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in that impressive finish, but it seems that for now Apple does not consider that color with the new model, at least in its launch. Maybe this spring we do, or maybe only the most affordable model with LCD screen will have that possibility.

Internal changes

This is an iPhone XS, and that means that, as you have seen, design changes will be very scarce: a larger model and a new color. But there will be changes inside the device. Obviously the processor will be new, and it will break all the power measurements again, as usual.

The processor will be the A12 (Bionic?) Simply because last year was the A11, so that's what it touches. But it will also be a 7-nanometer processor, the first from Apple, and that means that it will have better performance and lower energy consumption, which is more than likely to serve to improve the autonomy of the device. The 6.5-inch model will have a larger battery, so it will be the model to choose for those who want to forget about battery problems with intensive uses.

Everything seems to indicate that Apple is not going to implement the triple lens camera in this generation, because it would mean a major design change. But that does not mean that there will be no changes in the camera with the new iPhone XS. We don't know how deep those improvements will come, but if we pay attention to Bloomberg, it will be the main strength of this year, so they seem interesting. 3D Technology, Augmented Reality … we will have to wait to see the changes.

Will there be Dual-SIM models? Rumors say it won't be standard, but that yes there will be regions where you can buy models with the possibility of having two phone numbers. It is unknown if Apple will opt for eSIM or its own technology, we don't even know in which countries that model can be achieved. It is something that many users have been waiting for a while, but I am not too optimistic and I doubt that outside the Asian market we can achieve it.


What else can we find in the box? The EarPods with Lightning connection will not be missing, but there will be no Jack to Lightning adapter if we listen to the rumors. That little cable that we all lose easily will have to be achieved from now on apart. What it looks like we will not have to buy will be the USB-C to Lightning cable, nor the fast charger, because both accessories will be included in the box.