Read classics from the New York Public Library on Instagram Stories

Read classics from the New York Public Library on Instagram Stories

Can you imagine using Instagram Stories to read books? it's possible, and the boys of the New York Public Library They have thought that why not use all the possibilities offered by social networks like Instagram to discover great classics. After the jump we tell you how to use Instagram to read books, yes you have read well: how use the Stories Instagram to discover great classics Thanks to the great action of the New York Public Library.

The idea was born directly from the social media team of the New York Public Library, who with views of modernize what a classic library would be They have decided to take the classic social network, Instagram, classic literary works of all time. How have they done it? thanks to the possibilities it offers us Instagram Stories. You just have to go through it Instagram profile of the New York Public Library (@NYPL) and see the stories that have featured on your profile (so they will last and we will always have them available), then you will see the book Alice in Wonderland Divided in two parts.

Then, we just have to enter each part and go through each storiepausing (holding the thumb in the lower right corner as indicated in the photograph itself), and turning the page (or returning to the previous one) by pressing on the right side of our screen or left. So you know, if you like classics, what better way to take advantage of the time we spend on Instagram to get cultured, we can even learn English by reading classics. A great application of the stories that we will surely see in more and more profiles, of course, we will have to see how to deal with the copyright of the works since at the moment the NYPL will only put works without rights.

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