Protect your iPad Pro with Moshi iVisor and Versacover

Protect your iPad Pro with Moshi iVisor and Versacover

There are many users who consider that the options that Apple offers us to protect the iPad Pro are not adequate. Both its keyboard cover and its conventional case have a very nice design but do not offer any protection to the device by the edges, which makes many users directly discard them.

Moshi, a brand that has been manufacturing accessories for smartphones and tablets for years, offers us a perfect alternative for those looking for that extra protection that Apple cases do not give, and also does it with its well-known model “Versacover ”, which, inspired by origami, allows a simple front cover to allow many positionsfor our iPad. In addition, for those concerned with the screen, it also offers a reusable and anti-glare protector, iVisor, which in addition to protecting improves the use of the Apple Pencil. We have tried them and these are our impressions.

Greater protection without neglecting the design

The iPad Pro has become the star of Apple tablets on its own merits, with hardware that undoubtedly marks the way forward for the next few years as an alternative to laptops. But it is still a device designed to handle with your hands, which is comfortable but requires superior protectionwhich we usually use with any laptop.

Many users look for a cover that covers the entire device, not just the front and back, so that in case of possible falls the delicate aluminum edges of the iPad Pro are protected and the damage is minimized. But do it also without increasing too much the thickness and weight of the tablet, which in itself is large and heavy. These two requirements are achieved with the Versacover cover that raises the weight of the set by only 276 grams. In return you get protection in the 360º of the device and also a space dedicated to the Apple Pencil.

The solution they have found in Moshi to give space to the Apple Pencil is as original as it is efficient. On the one hand allows the Apple digital pen to be placed in the place intended for him, one of the sides of the iPad, where his battery is rechargedSo you are always ready to use. On the other hand it protects it with the same closure of the case, this way you can take it without fear of the Apple Pencil falling. Removing and putting the iPad Pro in the backpack with the pencil no longer becomes a precision maneuver to prevent it from falling.

Three positions that solve all needs

The iPad Pro, especially the 12.9-inch one, is not the most comfortable tablet to have in your hands. Whether to read, write, watch a movie or even to play, placing it on the table is much more practical, and this Moshi Versacover allows you all the positions you may need. With its front cover that bends to the purest origami style you can place it horizontally to type using the on-screen keyboard, horizontal but higher to use an external keyboard or enjoy a movie or a game, and even in an upright position To read a book comfortably.

Although at the beginning it requires some learning to know how to fold the cover according to the position in which you want to place your iPad, it is really very intuitive and nothing complicated. In addition to the "official" positions you can always find another one that you like, it depends on your manual skills. You can rest easy because the support offered by the case is good and the iPad is always very stable, without risk of falls.

Also protecting the iPad Pro screen

The front cover that acts as a support is also the one that protects the iPad screen, and is fixed by a magnetic closure that, as previously indicated, also acts as a protective case for the Apple Pencil, an almost essential accessory for this tablet. The inner micro fiber coating protects the screen of your iPad, but this is not enoughfor many. And for that there is the iVisor screen protector, which despite its size is extremely simple to place.

I have never tried a screen protector for an iPad before, but I have not used any of my previous models to worry about it. This iPad Pro is going to be my daily coworker, and there are few users who say that with the Apple Pencil the iPad screen ends with small micro-stripes that would be very annoying. For all this I thought it was a good idea to give this Moshi iVisor a chance.

The first thing that surprises is the installation of the protector: extremely simple and without worrying about the always annoying bubbles or that it spoils if we do not manage to place it at the first. The system that Moshi uses is different from that of other brands, and at first I got the protector to be perfectly placed without any bubble. And if it had happened, as easy as removing and replacing. You can even reuse it after a long time, since it can be removed, washed and repositioned without damaging its frame adhesive.