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Apple gast more than 300,000 dollars in the security of Tim Cook

The personal safety of CEOs (chief executive officer) of the world’s largest companies, such as Apple, It is not exactly economical.

Even so, Apple gets a fairly small bill for its CEO, Tim Cook, compared to other technology companies in California.

According to Wired, Apple spent $ 310,000 on Tim Cook’s personal security in 2018. Almost $ 850 a day, which is not much compared to other CEOs.

For example, Jeff Bezos costs Amazon $ 1,600,000 a year. The same as Larry Ellison to Oracle. Alphabet (Google), on the other hand, spends some restrained $ 600,000 on the security of Sundar Pichai and about $ 300,000 on Eric Schmidt’s.

But if we have to look for spectacular data, that is the amount that Facebook spends on the safety of its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook spent a negligible seven million dollars in 2017 (7.3 million exactly).

In 2018 it is rumored that this figure for Mark Zuckerberg’s personal safety has exceeded $ 10 million. Budget that includes security in their homes, in their journeys and their family. One of the highest amounts spent on personal security in the United States.

It costs almost $ 30,000 a day for Facebook. Still, to put this expense into context, President Trump’s security became $ 146,000 a day on a trip to New York according to the New York police (NYPD). A cost that does not include the displacement of the president, already expensive in itself, because flying the Air Force One is not cheap.

Given the amounts that come to spend others, we can agree that Tim Cook is quite cheap for Apple in terms of personal safety. In fact, they have been reducing this cost, since in 2015 it was 700,000 dollars, more than double that of last year.

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