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You can now download Dr. Mario World in the App Store for iPhone and iPad

Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario World

The expected Nintendo game Dr. Mario World is now available for download on the App Store, both for iPhone and iPad. The classic game returns in the form of a version for mobile devices and is the second game starring the famous plumber who arrives at the App Store.

The Original game was released in 1990 and it became one of the favorite games of millions of users, now you can download it to your iPhone and iPad by combining colored pills to try to eliminate the viruses in a bottle. In addition, it will not be the last game we see of Nintendo this year since Mario Kart Tour is expected to arrive this summer.

You can now download Dr. Mario World

Like it happened with Super Mario Run it is a completely new version and adapted to mobile devices So if you played the original game there will be some things that will sound to you but others that work differently.

In the new Dr. Mario World we have two different game modes:

  • Adventure mode It is the normal solitary mode in which we have more than 200 levels to overcome, although it is possible that more levels will arrive in the future.
  • Duel mode It is an additional way in which you can face other players and friends from all over the world. In this mode you will not only have to eliminate viruses, you will also have to make it difficult for your opponent.

Dr. Mario World

The launch was scheduled for July 10 but you can now download it from the App Store and launch and combine pills to eliminate the terrible viruses. Dr. Mario World is a free complete game, although it includes purchases within the application. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad whenever they have iOS 11 or a later version installed and you will need an internet connection to play. In addition Nintendo has reported that it may contain advertising.

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