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You can now book Pokmon Masters on the App Store

Entrenadores Pokémon Masters

Pokmon Masters trainers

Pokmon's next mobile game is getting closer. Pokmon Masters is about the last raid of The Pokmon Company, developed in partnership with DeNA, which explores the most famous RPG game mechanics from a completely different perspective. In this new game, players will have the opportunity to face again with the most famous coaches of the saga in their mobile phones, without the need to dive in the bal where we have hidden our game.

Thanks to our AlfaBetaJuega companions, we have learned that Pokmon Masters is now available for reservation on the App Store. Thus, all those who wish to play from day one can now go to the application store of their iPhone or iPad and look for Pokmon Masters. By simply authorizing the reservation, the game will download automatically as soon as it is available in the app store. And according to the App Store, the launch will be very soon.

When booking the app, the release date of it is indicated, which for now appears on August 29. Thus, the game will fulfill its objective of launching during the summer, and those who are enjoying their vacations will have the opportunity to spend a few hours on the new game. And from what we have seen, it seems that we want to have enough free time reserved for him. And not only us, but also our friends, who can join our battles.

Pokmon Masters battles

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As its official website and its recent triler reveals, Pokmon Masters offer various game modes. All those who download it will have the possibility of fighting the main coaches of the different games of the saga, as well as start cooperative multiplayer battles. And to fight all these battles, it is necessary to assemble our team of three coaches with their respective Pokmon, who will go out to the field to give everything. Paint well, right?