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Team Rocket invades Pokmon GO Pokparadas

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

Just a few days ago we told you the arrival of the dreaded Team Rocket at Pokmon GO and its evil plans are already being noted, the Pokparadas are changing and surely it is related to the new Dark Pokmon that are beginning to appear.

The Team Rocket together with the Dark Pokmon are now available and users of the successful Niantic augmented reality game, has generated 2,650 million dollars in just three years, can now be crossed with the well-known group of villains in the Pokparadas as just known.

Face Tim Rocket in Pokmon GO

Now in the game we will have a faded Pokparadas in which a member of Team Rocket challenge us to a fight against the coaches. Yes you get to defeat him leaving the Pokmon you used in combat, the so-called Dark Pokémon, and that we can purify after capturing them. These Pokmon will have a sinister aura that is different from the normal Pokmon and to be able to catch them you will have to defeat them.

If you manage to purify this Dark Pokémon and capture it, you can learn a new movement: Return. In addition it has also been confirmed that those purified Pokmon will receive some permanent advantages and a special animation effect, along with a new icon on the Pokedex tab.

Remember that we are in the middle of a great summer event in Pokmon GO and that right now you have the unique possibility of getting the exclusive Mewtwo Battleship Pokemon. You must also remember go out to play with caution, do not enter dangerous areas and be careful with the summer heat.

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