Mobile, the game that unseat PUBG Mobile

Some weapons of the expected Call of Duty Mobile are filtered

If there is an expected game for iOS in this 2019 that is Call of Duty Mobile, one of the most successful console franchises reaches mobile devices like the iPhone and we are all looking forward to seeing what it is capable of. The arrival of games like Fortnite has been a success that a saga like Call of Duty can even improve.

We already know many news of the expected game like some maps and game modes, one of them points directly to Fortnite, however now it has been discovered how will some of the weapons be We will see in the game.

Looking forward to seeing the new Call of Duty Mobile

That the new Call of Duty Mobile aims to be a success is quite clear, there are more than 10 million users who have already registered. And thanks to the Sportskeeda portal, our AlfaBetaJuega friends have much more information, we have been able to discover one of the secrets that until now were kept: weapons that we will see in this new Call of Duty.

The site has had access to the first images of part of the armament of the new CoD Mobile Through a conversation on Discord, this is the list they have had access to:

  • A rocket launcher or grenade launcher.
  • The traditional AK47.
  • The QBZ rifle
  • The well-known AUG.
  • The Glock-18 pistol.
  • An ax for close combat.

A good cast to start but surely we will see many more developments in this regard when the game is released. Its T scheduled for this 2019 and the first betas will be available this summer so Call of Duty Mobile should be very close to its launch.

Remember that the game could download for free through the App Store on both the iPhone and iPad. In addition the multiplayer mode will be the most interesting of all although we can also take place in other sagas scenarios such as Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.