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Professor Willow's global challenge begins very soon

Professor Willow's global challenge begins very soon

One of the most important events of Pokmon Go this year is about to begin and all the coaches in the world must collaborate to achieve it. The game continues to recruit millions of players and this type of event makes many more come back, remember that 14% of the world population has downloaded Pokmon Go at some point.

This new challenge will test the leaders Spark, Blanche and Candela to make sure they are prepared to solve any problem That may arise. Each leader must mobilize the coaches of his team to complete the investigations both globally and in each of the three Pokmon GO Fest events that will be held this summer.

The global challenge starts soon

From what Niantic has communicated, each of the coaches will have a different challenge than starting next Thursday, June 13.

Spark Candy Research Challenge

Candela PX Research Challenge

Blanche Star Powder Research Challenge

As we see, it awaits us a very interesting summer full of challenges in Pokmon GOVery recently, new Pokmon arrived with three new evolutions for Eevee, but also some bad news such as the removal of the Apple Watch app. Still, Pokmon GO is more alive than ever and this summer we will have a great time.

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