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New trailer and more details of Pokmon Masters

New trailer and more details of Pokmon Masters

If you have not been following the news of Pokmon during these last months, something strange with Pokmon Sword and Shield on the prowl, you may have missed the announcement of Pokmon Masters. This new mobile game give us the opportunity to fight against some of the legendary characters that have been appearing throughout the saga of RPG games. This is the great opportunity of The Pokmon Company to reach our hearts again through nostalgia and our phone.

When the game was presented at the May Pokmon conference, not too many details were given about the game, and they were limited to teaching some images. However, a new trailer has been published in which we can already discover some of the possibilities that Pokmon Masters offer us. Among them, we can find the option to play with our friends thanks to a cooperative mode with AI opponents, a challenge that surely be liked by many.

Other details revealed by DeNA, the game's developer, include the existence of triple combat modes in real time; a Pokmon Masters League mode, which will be something like the campaign mode of the game; and the existence of Sygna costumes, outfits that when equipped in our coach will be combined with the active Pokmon. The League mode is especially interesting, since we will have the opportunity to fight against the great coaches of all known Pokmon regions.

Pokmon Masters

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An specific date for the launch of Pokmon Masters has not been set, although it is expected that is available on the main platforms this summer. For now, we can enjoy the trailer, which presents some of the techniques that we have told you, and that will be present in the game.