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Mobile, the game that unseat PUBG Mobile

Mobile, the game that unseat PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile finally have a worthy opponent, we are talking about Call of Duty: Mobile. The popular video game initially created for PCs and consoles has arrived on mobile devices. Next we will detail why the newcomer arrived may knock out Playerunknowns Battlegrounds from the ranking of best action game for mobile phones and tablets.

A higher graphic section

The first point to note that the Call of Duty has in its mobile version in front of PUBG Mobile is its graphic section. While the graphics of the latter are not bad at all, the new title of Activision is clearly superior as can be seen in its trailer.

Although this means that require more powerful hardware, it is not a factor to consider since the game is designed for high-end devices or with a chipset and RAM powerful enough to not have to worry about them.

According to FirstPost, Call of Duty: Mobile presents a frame rate higher than its competition and the graphics are incredibly smooth.

Faster game modes

Over time, the Call of Duty have been characterized for its game speed and its ability to generate adrenaline. These qualities will be present in the version for Android and iOS. The user who immerses himself in a game quickly feels to be in a real battlefield.

With regard to game modes, these range from the classic Deathmatch until Free-for-all going by Frontline, Domination Y Search and Destroy, among others. If the player wants to have a good time with his friends, he can also choose the game mode that allows him compete against people in the same range so that there are no competitive advantages.

As it could not be otherwise, Call of Duty: Mobile also include a Battle Royale mode in which, as in all games of this type, the goal is to be the last survivor.

Call of Duty Experience

With this title designed for mobile devices the user will have an experience very similar to the one offered by its original versions. This means that the character is in the first person, and therefore, aim and shoot to be more real and the shot will lose strength as the distance increases.

Also, before starting a game certain sections of the player can be customized, like your class, so that it stands out in different aspects. And, if you are a beginner, you can also configure the game so that it triggers automatically once the target is marked.

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