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call of duty mobile

call of duty mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most anticipated games of this year 2019, the world's most famous shooter makes the leap from consoles and computers to the screen of your iPhone and plans to make Port all the way up with an exclusive title. This type of games could not be more fashionable and expectations are in the clouds with the new Activision game.

The game is scheduled for later this year and for the wait to be made a little easier we will respond, thanks to Chris Plummer, vice president of Mobile at Activision, some interesting questions About Call of Duty: Mobile.

How does Call of Duty: Mobile fit into the universe of Call of Duty?

"Call of Duty: Mobile is an independent experience that, for the first time, rJan Call of Duty elements, including Black Ops and Modern Warfare, in a single peak game. For example, it is incredibly fun to choose Soap as a character [from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare franchise] and place it on the Standoff map [from Call of Duty: Black Ops III]. Having a selection of characters and maps from the Call of Duty story creates a truly rewarding and novel experience".

call of duty mobile

When can players from outside India and Australia play Call of Duty: Mobile beta?

"We are starting in these regions because they meet our initial objectives for this first phase of Beta test implementation. As the Beta continent version, more passes and audiences will be added to the mix later. We will use the comments of our first Beta to inform when and where the next Betas will occur".

Are there particular challenges in Call of Duty: Mobile?

"Call of Duty: Mobile has many ways to get involved and great content, a lot of passion and commitment focused on getting the best gaming experience we can. The controls are intuitive for both veteran and new mobile players, and you can perform the same important actions in Call of Duty: Mobile that you would expect. No compromises; we are making this game with the objective of Offer the signature sensation of Call of Duty on mobile devices and build it from scratch to do it.

call of duty mobile

We have made a great effort to ensure that the game offers an optimized experience on all devices by offering different loyalty assets to different types of devices. This helps ensure that newer and more powerful phones can see the game with impressive graphics, while older devices can still play without significant degradation in quality and appearance.".

Can iOS users play against Android users in Call of Duty: Mobile?

"Flatly s. The Android users can currently play against iOS users and vice versa".

call of duty mobile

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When can I play Call of Duty: Mobile?

It is probably the question of the million and this has not answered in good Chris Plummer, however we already have some clues that indicate that the The expected Activision game will launch in October 2019.

Also you should not worry about your device since it seems that a large number of iPhone and iPad will be compatible with Call of Duty: Mobile. Meanwhile, the best thing you can do is register on the official Activision website to Receive all the news as the release dateIn addition, you may be invited to try some of the betas of the game.