Matthew Tomkinson tells us about Ghost Recon Wildlands |

Matthew Tomkinson tells us about Ghost Recon Wildlands |

Prior to the launch of Tom Calncy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlans, we talked a few minutes with Matthew Tomkinson, Senior Designer at Ubisoft France. We talked about everything a little, from its passage through Just Dance, to how it was to travel to Bolivia to portray that in the open map of the game.

MBPC: Is this your first time in Chile?

MT: Yes, it is my first time and I really loved it, it is a pity that I only stay here for a day and a half. Time is very short, considering that I come from as far away as France, since the whole team is in Paris.

MBPC: The team is in Paris, are you part of it or are you the leader of this team?

MT: I am part of a great team and I have a small team in charge of around 20 people, and we take care of everything related to the understanding of the game. This is the User Interface, Menes and everything that has to do with it, see in what order the features go and how we show them, the tutorials, etc.

MBPC: Related to the game, this is Ubisoft's first open-world Ghost Recon game.

MT: With this new installment of Ghost Recon we wanted to take it to a new level and continue with what Ghost Recon is, this is a Tactical Shooter. If you consider tactics you want to be free, you want to take an action and respond to a situation the way you want.

For example, if you are in a field and approaching a camp, you want to choose how to approach, either with a helicopter, analyze the surroundings, use a sniper rifle, perform more recognition beforehand with a drone, etc. That way you choose how to do it.

That is why it made a lot of sense to make this game an Open World.

MBPC: What will be the difference between this Ghost Recon versus Advanced Warfighter 2, which was the last Ghost Recon you worked on?

MT: Uuh there is a lot of difference, the first thing is that AWF 2 is very linear and you can't play in CoOp, those are 2 very big differences. Even in terms of progress, it maintains the same skills from start to finish. GRWL is more about how you decide to face the world and how you want to play it.

When you start the game you choose what to do, if you want to do the most difficult thing there is no restriction on what you can and want to do in the game. This is very different with respect to a linear game.

In terms of CoOp you can now play whenever you want wherever you want, there are no restrictions in terms of levels, progress or anything. That is why you can choose what weapon to use, what equipment to assemble, everything you can customize, your tems and your skills that you want to develop. In the end you have so much freedom.

MBPC: Is there any path or path within the mandatory game?