Apple offers the results of the second best quarter in its history

Apple offers the results of the second best quarter in its history

After the announcement of a downward revision of Apple's revenues in this first quarter of 2019, which includes the period from October to December 2018, there was much expectation before the publication of the company's financial results, which ends to occur Apple has announced revenues that get "the hit" that many expected to be really the second best quarter of its history.

Some total income of 84,310 million dollars and profits of 19,965 million dollars are the most relevant data of this quarter, which if compared with the best quarter of its history, just a year ago, it turns out that they are 3.983 million dollars less in income and 100 million dollars less in profits.

In this graph, to make it more visual, you can see the income of the company in the different quarters of recent years, and in red the best quarter of its history (Q1 2018) and the second best quarter of its history (Q1 2019). The gross figures offered by Apple leave little doubt about the company's financial health, although there are data that generate (or should) concern, because the drop in revenue from the iPhone is important.

Apple's smartphone has meant a 16% drop in revenue compared to the same quarter of the previous year, which is about $ 9.5 billion less revenue from sales of its flagship product. If the fall in total income has been only about 4,000 million, it has been thanks to the fact that other categories have behaved very well in sales and compensated for this fall. Revenue from iPad has grown by 14%, and the big stars of recent quarters that are the category "Services" and the new category "Wearables, Home and accessories" have risen 28% and 33% respectively.

The impact of the drop in sales in China has been great. If in the same period last year the income of the Asian country accounted for 20% of the total, this year they have remained only 16%. Revenues in the United States accounted for 44% (40% last year) and the rest of the regions have remained stable.

The company's financial health remains enviable, although it cannot be hidden that iPhone sales do not go through their best moment, and Apple must assume new strategies to boost a segment again That has not had the expected results.

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