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With the launch of iOS 12.1.4, FaceTime group calls work again

FaceTime video calls

Earlier last week, after a bug was released that caused FaceTime calls to be picked up remotely by the issuer of the same, the Cupertino-based company decided to disable them completely through their servers, leaving calls and video calls running between two parties exclusively.

When it was made public, Apple said it was already working to solve that problem, a problem it just solved through the release of iOS version 12.1.4, a version that Now available for all users with compatible devices. Once this version corrects that error, Apple's servers have put the group call service back into operation.

The mother of the young man who detected the error of FaceTime contacted on several occasions with Apple, but it wasn't until the problem went viral, when the company acknowledged that it really was a serious security problem, which was forced to apologize to users. At this time, as reflected in the image that heads this article, FaceTime video calls do not present any problem of operation, so we can use them again normally.

Keep in mind that group video calls only work on compatible devices, starting with iPhone 6s, which are managed by iOS 12.1.4, so they are deactivated in previous versions, since these continue to present the bug that allows you to pick up calls remotely.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to try them, you can see live how they work through the iPhone News Podcast and I'm from Mac, a podcast that we broadcast every Tuesday live and we do it through FaceTime, except these last two weeks, in which we have been forced to resort to Skype again.

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