No, Apple is not going to launch any folding device at the moment

No, Apple is not going to launch any folding device at the moment

Folding smartphones are on everyone's lips, have been the maximum novelty of this Mobile World Congress, but do we really need them? What are Apple's plans in this regard? The technological media are already talking, and everything seems to point to the boys from Apple will not launch any folding smartphone at the moment. After the jump we give you all the details of the possible plans of Cupertino.

We don't say it, Most specialized technological media say so in the world of the apple brand. Samsung has launched a flexible smartphone that is a hardware-level beast, but the practicality of it escapes our hands. On the other hand Huawei has dared to make the flexible smartphone that we all wanted to see from Samsung, the fold with the screen on the outside, something that brings us the problem of having a screen always exposed. Smartphones, new tablets, what is the real market of these futuristic devices? Many questions that ask since Cupertino prefer to be expectant of what may happen at the technological level, do not invent anything but launch something new that improves what was invented and that has enough reliability to become a best seller. Apple did not invent the smartphone, neither the smartwatch (how many memories the mythical Pebble brings me), improved all this and is what they will do if there is a future with foldable smartphones.

From my point of view I think this fashion of the folding devices that has just begun is going to stay in just that, a fashion. I think there are other points to innovate, this folding devices entail many other problems that are not covered in the releases we have seen and I think there is still a long way to go. Flexible screens for home use that may make sense, but for a smartphone they are out of each other. It is my point of view obviously, and surely if there is a new market with these Apple devices, it will also launch it in the future, yes, when all the technology is more developed. And you, what do you think of all this?

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