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MU-MIMO or Mesh? What technology to choose? |

Today, everyone in our respective homes wants to connect to the Internet as many times as necessary, at any time and by any device, so usually there is a fierce struggle to take the signal even at the expense of others. We all know that the more devices that connect to our home Wi-Fi network, this will usually be slower.

What happens is that most of the routers available on the market communicate simultaneously with a single device, which is why they are commonly known as routers of user only (SU-MIMO). Therefore, each device waits its turn, so to speak, to send and receive data from the great Network, so at the time that a new device intends to connect, it automatically goes to the end of the row, and in this way, increases the waiting time, what you have surely suffered at some time.

The good news is that we now have a new technology standard that dramatically reduces the waiting time, known as multiple user technology, multiple input and output, referred to as MU-MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output), which enables a router Wi-Fi communicate with multiple devices simultaneously and much more efficiently.

The more antennas used, the faster and more efficient the connection will be

The operation of this technology lies in the possibility of using various antennas in order to transmit the data of a network; Thus, the more antennas used, the faster and more efficient the connection of the different devices connected to the network will be. This technology is also composed of SU-MIMO. The difference between the two is that SU-MIMO is a user, while MU-MIMO is multiple users.

There are no precise figures in this regard, but it is estimated that in a common household at least eight devices are connected to the Internet – although it depends on the ages and number of family members -, who compete all the time with each other to obtain the highest slice of bandwidth. In sum, MU-MIMO optimize your network and exponentially improve your Wi-Fi experience.

With attractive and striking designs

Simultaneously, someone may be watching a movie in streaming, and on the other hand, someone plays on their Xbox, with the demand for bandwidth that this entails. So, these new routers they are very focused on the public gamer, so they come with very striking and attractive designs for these boys; coupled with this last, a router MU-MIMO is distinguished, as said before, by the number of antennas, which range between four and eight.

In short, the MU-MIMO technology optimize your network and avoid the classic interruptions in video playback, as happens when we want to watch a movie in some streaming service, such as Netflix, Prime or Clear, among others, in addition to extending your leisure time at home.

Advanced management of network elements

But not everything ends there, because you will have noticed that many types of businesses, such as hotels, restaurants and large leisure areas usually have a stable Wi-Fi network despite the area and number of customers to cover. Mesh or mesh networks are the answer. They have a lower price, within the reach of any pocket, and an offer for everyone, so also Mesh Wi-Fi networks are a more than recommended alternative to router + lifelong repeaters.

A Wi-Fi network, Mesh or mesh type, consists of a router / base station and its satellites or access points, which communicate with each other, in order to form a unique Wi-Fi network for the user the same SSID and password. In the case of Wi-Fi Mesh networks, its strong point is just in the advanced management of network elements.

Wi-Fi Mesh calculates to which node / satellite it is better to connect at any moment, of course, according to the state of other nodes, the connected devices; It also calculates the distance to each of the satellites, signal strength and indicates many other factors, 100% transparently to the user, who does not have to worry about where he is connected to the network.

The system is responsible for finding the best way to have the optimal signal at all times, are the great advantages of Mesh or mesh Wi-Fi networks. This type ofrouters Mesh, usually they are network equipment with a height design, internal antennas in many cases and are integrated as ring to finger in your house. They only require a power cable.

Avoid unpleasant situations and better be safe