Amazon withdraws its Dash buttons because of Alexa

Amazon withdraws its Dash buttons because of Alexa

Amazon announced in 2015 the arrival of Dash buttons, small battery powered devices whose only function was to add a specific product to the shopping list. Four years later Amazon removes Dash buttons from its entire catalog.

Small, they stuck to any surface, they worked with a button battery and Wi-Fi. One of the first simple gadgets of the Amazon connected home that without many people noticing, have disappeared.

Although the idea is simple, ridiculously good, but in the end ridiculous, the Dash buttons quickly passed to the cover of the Amazon website. In Spain they appeared in 2017, but they have not had great success.

Alexa has replaced the Dash buttons

The reality is that having a button that adds to the shopping list a specific product is a good idea, if you spend a lot of that specific product. Toilet paper? Detergent? These are products that can be added to the different Amazon services in a faster way: with the voice.

Alexa has been to blame for these buttons becoming unnecessary. The popularity of Echo speakers has meant that saying "Alexa adds detergent to the shopping list" is faster and cheaper than having a physical button.

For some reason, a product that is still on sale in the United States is Amazon Dash Wand, a small microphone connected to Alexa that only serves to add products to the shopping list.

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