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Amazon buys Eero routers to sneak into the heart of your home

Amazon has acquired Eero, a manufacturer of mesh routers that is characterized by putting several routers connected goes Wi-Fi between them so as not to have rooms with poor coverage.

Eero routers were only available in the United States, but thanks to this small company mesh routers became fashionable, such as those that Google or TP-Link have put up for sale.

Eero was part of Amazon, a company that increasingly bets on the manufacture of gadgets and household products. The purchase of Eero shows above all one thing: Amazon wants to be in your house and know much more about you.

Amazon expands to Wi-Fi routers

Eero was a rarity in the world of gadgets for your home. A small and independent company that became popular thanks to technological means and to sponsor in podcasts and specialized websites.

They became very famous because they solve the most common problem in any house with internet. Thanks to the system of Wi-Fi mesh The internet connection has more coverage in those rooms where it has not just arrived.

The most obvious step that Eero and Amazon will take is integrate routers with Echo speakers. That is, Eero routers are small and the idea is to scatter them around your house to have better Wi-Fi. It will not be a big technical problem to add a microphone, speaker and Alexa.

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