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Zuckerberg invents a 'box' alarm lamp to sleep better

Priscilla Chan's husband has created a curious gadget focused exclusively on making motherhood and bearable to be able to rest better at night.

As explained the couple of the CEO of the foundation Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, her husband (by profession CEO but engineer in education), has created a box with a very dim lighting that starts to light up at certain times in the morning.

The reason is that Chan has trouble sleeping because he wakes up at night to see the time on his mobile and know if it is time to wake up his two children. The stress generated by looking at the hour of dawn and knowing that there are X hours left before becoming awake causes it to be revealed, making it more difficult to go back to sleep.

Photo: @ Zuck / instagram

The engineer has created this box that includes a small light that begins to turn on at a certain time, illuminating to the maximum when it is time to wake up your two children.

This allows Chan not to watch the time on the mobile, which inevitably puts you on alert. The best thing is that this type of lighting allows you to wake up in a more pleasant and calm way than it will be with an audio alarm.

You can also create an alarm lamp

This little invention, which can be done with a little programming, welding and a Raspeberry Pi Zero, is actually a very useful element to wake up little by little and not with a sound alarm that wakes up in the middle of the neighborhood.

The mattress company Casper launched a similar product, Casper Glow Light. to which you indicate a few hours where it should start to light, while mimicking the light emitted by dawn. Of course, it costs 125 dollars each.

The same can be configured with internet-connected light bulbs, such as Philips Hue or Xiaomi colored light bulbs. You just have to configure it with an IFTTT recipe and that's it. Or you can directly buy a lamp for this task from Xiaomi.

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