Xtorm Fuel Series 3

We tested the Xtorm Fuel Series 3 with Power Delivery, charge your devices in half an hour

One of the Manufacturers of accessories for iDevices that we like the most is Xtorm, A company whose accessories are our admiration for the great quality they have. And it is that through the network we can find endless accessories, many of them at quite cheap prices, which can damage our devices.

Following the Xtorm accessories, today we bring you one of the most interesting batteries on the market, the new Xtorm Fuel Series 3 in its 20,000 and 10,000 mAh models, batteries with Power Delivery with which to charge your devices in just half an hour … You do not believe it? After the jump we will tell you the details of these new Xtorm Fuel Series 3.

The key to everything: Power Delivery

You have seen it in the image that heads this post, and also in this detail image of the ports of this new Xtorm Fuel Series 3, to get the Power Delivery you will need the new cable USB-C to Lightning from Apple (It costs € 25 and today only Apple itself is available), and that is the only way to get this Power Delivery.

As this is the most important aspect of these new Xtorm Fuel Series 3 we are going to focus a little more on the Power delivery. This is the standard by which a power can be supplied to our devices (compatible from iPhone 8) via USB-C 18W, a more than enough power if we consider that the charger of the iPads (the fastest would charge our iPhone) reaches 12W.

This is only possible thanks to the USB-C, but the results are noticeable … Personally I was very reluctant to this technology, I didn't believe it, but you just have to plug your iPhone into the Xtorm Fuel Series 3 with the USB-C cable to Lightning Apple and yes, you will have the battery charged in just over 30 minutes (depending on the maximum capacity level of your battery).

And yes, too They offer us two USB 3 ports with which to charge our devices as we did until now, that is, we can simultaneously charge two devices by USB 3, and one by the USB-C port which also serves as an input port on the battery.

Two formats to cover all needs

The Xtorm Fuel Series 3 that we have been able to test correspond to the 20,000 mAh and 10,000 mAh versions, two equal batteries whose only difference is its ability. Obviously the 20,000 mAh offers us twice as many device loads, but it also grows in weight and dimensions (that of 20,000 mAh has a thickness of 22mm compared to 14mm of the 10,000 mAh version).

Everyone has to choose your battery according to your needs, I think that the 10,000 mAh battery is very comfortable that we can carry even in the pocket of a coat without us noticing, the 20,000 mAh will give us more laziness when it comes to take it to the street but obviously it is the best option if we see ourselves in the need to be a long time without an energy source nearby.

Where to buy Xtorm Fuel Series 3 external batteries?

Yes we want to get some of the Xtorm Fuel Series 3, in the versions (we have tested) of 20,000 or 10,000 mAh, or in a 5000 mAh pocket version (the latter without Power Delivery), we will have to go to the official website of Xtorm, at the moment it is the only point of sale from which we can get these batteries with Power Delivery.

  • Xtorm Fuel Series 3 5000 Pocket: € 24.95
  • Xtorm Fuel Series 3 10,000 Core: € 39.95
  • Xtorm Fuel Series 3 20,000 Impact: € 55

The Xtorm website is quite reliable, is the official website, and the Shipping (costs € 4.95) They do it quite quickly, so it won't take long to have these Xtorm Fuel Series 3 in your home. So do not think about it, if you are looking for a fast external battery, do not hesitate to get the Xtorm Fuel Series 3.

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Xtorm Fuel Series 3

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