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To relax

kitAfter all these days of stress with the CES, running through the fair from one side to the other, looking for news and chasing news, we invite you to relax with «The executive kit«, a gadget for men that can be found in La Juguetera.

This gadget goes with USB connection, like any other peripheral, but much more fun, where it will stop !. It contains 2 masturbators with realistic texture and a vibrating bullet with remote control. Its advantage, in addition to the obvious one, is that you can take it anywhere, on a business trip or on vacation, with your mouse and webcam. Disadvantages, I can not think of … but we do not recommend that you take to the office for those moments of work relaxation, lest you enter a companion in your office, and you face the face of panfilones.

The price is 55, quite affordable and deserved since it is one of the products that are getting more sales in this store. Some other things, although not so technological, are also very fun, for them and them. Who talked about not mixing work with pleasure?