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Sharing your photos

Digital frames are one of those gadgets that I am sure will be integrated into the room just without realizing it and that they are really grateful and easy to use (even by my mother). From the first Philips (of excellent image quality), through the Parrot (upgradeable by Bluetooth) to the recent Kodak (which integrate WiFi), the road seems paved for final landing.

But there were surprises in the halls of CES, such as this new digital framework, which for me is undoubtedly the most advanced thing I have seen in this type of products. The unknown Ceiva has integrated a photo update service, directly to the digital frames through the telephone line using its PicturePlan service. This means that the photos shown in the frame can come from the classic memory cards or directly from anywhere in the world. The procedure is as follows: you connect the frame to the telephone line, press the activation button and that's it. The framework is registered in the Ceiva database and receive all those photos that are sent to you through the update service.

In this way you can see at home the photos that your friends or family are sending you, from the mobile or from the Internet, from anywhere and without the need to open the email. The paste? The update service is only available in the US, but I hope that the idea is quickly transferred to other brands that bring it to Europe.