Powerbeats Pro can be booked starting May 31 in the United Kingdom, France and Germany

Powerbeats Pro can be booked starting May 31 in the United Kingdom, France and Germany

Powerbeats Pro

At the beginning of May, the Cupertino boys included in the Apple website, in addition to Beats, new headphones called Powerbeats Pro, headphones that offer us practically the same technology that we can currently find in the second generation of the AirPods 2, device that was renewed just over a month ago.

As of May 9, American and Canadian users who reserved this device began receiving it in their homes. Fortunately, the geographical limitation of the Powerbeats Pro has lasted a very short time, since as of May 31, they can also be booked in the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

For now and as usual in this type of staggered launches, which occasionally makes Apple, we will have to wait for the third batch, scheduled for June, for users Spaniards and Mexicans can enjoy these new Apple / Beats by Dre headphones.

The Beats By Dre UK Twitter account was the one who made the announcement of this launch in the United Kingdom. The release date appears at the bottom of the video, seconds before it ends and where we can see the British boxer Anthony Joshua.

In the description of the Powerbeats Pro from the Apple Store in the United Kingdom, France and Germany, it is reported that This model will be available at the end of May, so it is assumed that it will reach all three countries on the same day.

If you look at the date shown in the detail of this particular model in other countries such as Australia, Singapore, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Austria, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico and Brazil, we see how It is indicated that it will be available from June.

For now, the Powerbeats Pro They will only be available in black color. The rest of the colors moss, navy blue and ivory, will be available in summer in the United States and Canada, so users in the rest of the world will have to wait a few more months if we do not want the black model.

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