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new Apple AirPods end headphones 2019

You may want to think twice about buying new AirPods, according to Ming-Chi Kuo (one of the world's best reputed Apple analysts), it is expected that by the end of the year two new versions of AirPods arrive.

Apple Airpods 2, unboxing and first impressions

Apple announced the second generation of AirPods on April 20th. Same design, same audio quality although slightly faster when connecting to the phone and more battery time on calls thanks to the H1 chip. But in essence the same AirPods as two years ago.

Although Apple has also just launched Beats PowerBeats Pro that use the same technology but are more sweat resistant, Apple is expected to update its famous and iconic headphones with two very different new versions.

The new Airpods will bring more design and space for technology

Photo (CC) Daniel Korpai / Unsplash

According to Kuo, new AirPods will have a different design and a higher price. The other model is expected to be a version similar to the current ones.

The key to these new AirPods that has been redesigned inside so that they are easier and cheaper to mass produce, although that production reduction will not be reflected in the final price.

We are struck by these new AirPods and it is that time has been talking about some new AirPods that, in addition to being more resistant to water and dust, will have reduced ambient noise and improved sound quality.

Apple needs people to update their AirPods

A change in the design will cause many of the AirPods users to want to update, since they have become that piece of technology that gives you a certain level of social status (if you believe in those things).

Why does Apple prepare two new AirPods so soon after launching the second generation? Actually the "AirPods 2" had to go on sale last year. It is known that many were manufactured between September and December 2018 and have been stored in warehouses pending the late AirPower.

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