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have YouTube on Fire TV and Prime Video on Chromecast

After several years of bad gestures and disinters of two of the world's largest technology companies, Amazon and Google have signed the peace. Amazon announced today that the two companies take their apps video to both platforms.

Amazon approve a official YouTube application for Fire TV and users of YouTube can send content to your Fire TV as if it were a Chromecast, being compatible with video in 4K HDR and at 60fps.

The YouTube TV and YouTube Kids applications will also reach the Fir TV later this year.

On the other hand, Prime Video users will finally have Chromecast support, allowing them to play videos and series from the Amazon platform on their Android TV devices or televisions.

More options to send video content to Google and Amazon users

This deal allows Amazon to Prime Video is more present among TVs with Android TV, since we get an official application for this software.

The disagreement of Amazon and Google was part of a war to make their devices more present among their stores.

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The war between the two companies has been bad for consumers. Both for the Amazon user for not being able to buy Google products or use Prime Video on a Chromecast, as for Google.

In Amazon it is impossible to find a Chromecast for sale or one of the Google Home speakers and for now it will stay this way. The deal only affects your streaming video platforms.

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