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Google throws in the towel with Android tablets and Chrome OS

Google has confirmed that definitely abandons the development and production of tablets with Android or Chrome OS, abandoning Pixel Slate products that despite the quality of manufacturing and materials, has failed to find people who bet on them.

This is a movement that is coming, since Google had only launched a tablet to call as such today. Pixel Slate has very good materials and is solid, but it is very limited by the use of Chrome OS and Android cover applications.

Pixel's future are portable and mobile

Rick Osterloh, Google's hardware chief, confirmed the rumor on Twitter, commenting that Google will stop making tablets focusing its efforts on laptops and smartphones within the Pixel range.

Hey, it's true The Google hardware team will focus exclusively on building laptops in the future, but make no mistake, the Android and Chrome OS teams are 100% committed to working with our partners on tablets for all segments of the long term market

Rick Osterloh, SVP of devices and services at Google.

Ensures that people who bought a Pixel Slate will continue to have support from their side, both after sales and Chrome OS updates and community support with more Android-covered applications. But nobody should expect a second version of this Chrome OS tablet.

The company has confirmed that it has stopped the development of two new devices in tablet format that are supposed to be able to see the light in 2020, supposedly a new version of Pixel Slate and another edition with smaller screen.

Google Pixelbook, the Google notebook that can be used as a tablet. Photo: Google

Critical and devastating Pixel Slate reviews

Google launched Pixel Slate as its first real tablet Until then it had launched and supported products such as touch screen Chromebooks that can also be used as a kind of tablet.

Pixelbook, the notebook with Chrome OS, is still Google's main effort in the computer sector, since Pixel Slate has been a highly criticized product, although other elements such as its keyboard-case have been praised as one of the Better experiences when writing.

Performance issues, lag, applications that do not work well or ghost touches on the screen in a Google product with the last name Pixel, which until then were considered premium range with high quality.

Compared to an iPad Pro, which is its main competition, Pixel Slate simply did not give the size, being well below an iPad or even some Android tablets of brands like Samsung.

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