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Gillette Turbo Fusion Xtreme 3000

The new Fusion Gillete is, according to the French brand, an authentic technological revolution for male care thanks to the incorporation of five blades with surface technology that better distribute the pressure and follow the contour of the face with total precision. To this can be added the Power function that adds a micropulse vibration controlled by a microchip and powered by an AAA battery.

Leaving aside that the real business of this type of products is not the sale of the razor itself but of the spare parts (as is also the case with other technological devices such as DVD players, printers and game consoles) we have had access to a confidential report that reveals what Gallic engineers are currently working on.

As follows from these totally insolvent sources, the future of the razors follows the path of 'walk or not walk big horse' and for sample we show one of the stolen images of the prototype razor for 2010, which incorporate 25 blades with Force FeedBack , in addition to WiFi connection, Bluetooth and remote control for the car alarm. As a colleague «Verdict: one pass» would say

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