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Finally iPhone

After so many months of rumors Steve Jobs has done it again: he has launched one of those products that not surprisingly has been less surprising: the iPhone. They say he was as excited as when he launched the original Mac there by 1984 and he has no reason. The presentation of the iPhone has had so much attention that for an hour the entire CES (and surely the rest of the world) was connected to San Francisco.

It is a unique device that uses a mobile phone, an iPod and an Internet communicator, all with a revolutionary interface on a 3.5 ”touch screen. In the presentation Jobs demonstrated its ease of use and speed of response to the open mouths of the entire auditorium. It is operated with the fingers, it is highly customizable and synchronizes with the computer, it has an orientation, proximity and lighting sensor, 2 MP camera, WiFi and Bluetooth, but at the moment it is NOT 3G. Its price is $ 599 for the 8 GB version and $ 499 for the 4 GB version, but you have to wait until the end of the year to see it in Europe. I think I'm going to prepare the letter from Reyes.

As expected,…Once again the rumorologist of the Network has advanced (although it has fallen short), but that does not take away from Steve's keynote, and let's not forget that it began with the presentation of the already predictable iTV, now Apple TV for $ 299 ( wireless, USB, HDMI, 720p, 40 GB and 5 streaming channels). Although it was clear that the future is going through convergence and Apple had known it for a long time. Not long ago, a study indicated that iPods larger than 5 GB were normally underutilized in capacity, but Jobs already knew before they had to look for new paths and that is precisely what he has done. The solution you have presented I like, well I really love it, it is all that you may need in your pocket, but it is not without risks. In fact it is not the first time that the boys of Cupertino crash with their promising products and remember the Newton (the grandfather of the PDAs) and it is that Apple are specialists in launching exceptional products years before, and sometimes they pay . However, the picture is now different, in fact it is completely different. Before Apple opened roads and it was a relatively unknown brand, now everyone knows that quin is that bitten apple symbol they are no longer Apple Computer, now they are Apple Inc. But the mobile phone market is not exactly a market Virgin like that of the MP3 5 years ago; It is a saturated market with many large competitors, and especially with other players that split the cake called operators (remember that the price includes a 2-year contract with an operator). Here and now Apple is a new player, with experience in other related topics but new after all. A detail to think about is the fact that the product, unlike other times not being in Apple Stores the next day of the keynote, take at least half a year, and that makes me suspect that it is not a completely finished product and so both susceptible to problems (but tell Nokia and its N91 or the best known PS3 is Sony).

It is also important to keep in mind that people mainly use the mobile to talk and the iPhone gives for much more, in fact it is for people accustomed to the digital lifestyle that Jobs promised at the launch of the iPod, but let's face it, most of them are not yet That road (and the iPod itself took a few years to start being what it is today). I am really looking forward to it and to be able to have one, but you have to have your feet on the floor, although now the bottles are uncorked. By the way, I have not had time to look at it but they say that the NASDAQ has gone crazy with the news. In any case welcome iPhone We were waiting for you.

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