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The new version of the Xiaomi step quantizer, the new one, has arrived Xiaomi Mi Band 4 It has just been presented in China with news, which we already know, but that some of the novelties of this popular and cheap gadget that tells your steps have been confirmed.

It is one of the cheapest products of Xiaomi and most popular because it is simple, its battery lasts for days and gives you the necessary information to know how many steps you have taken during the day or follow some physical activities.

Finally a color screen

The most striking thing about the new Mi Band 4 is that the screen is finally color. A small screen 0.95 inch vertical AMOLED display with a crystal that has a 2.5D effect, that is, the rounded edges create an effect of infinite edges.

Another novelty of Mi Band 4 is the new microphone To allow the virtual assistant of your choice to speak Originally created for its products in China, it is expected to be compatible with the Google assistant in its international version.

One of the uses that Xiaomi shows in its presentation is control all connected household products using voice. Although there are few of these products in Spain, the range of gadgets for Xiaomi's home is huge in countries like China.

Water resistant, submersible and swim tracking

Although the previous generation of Mi Band was already submersible up to 50 meters, now they have given great utility by adding a sport to their tracking, the swim

Mi Band 4 is able to continue training running, walking or cycling. Keeps your monitor heart rate to keep up with your heart while you do sports or are at rest, in addition to being important for following the dream.

NFC and QR codes for payments

If there is something that defines China is its huge commitment to payments using QR codes from the mobile, either using AliPay or WeChat Pay. That is why this new Xiaomi Mi Band 4 allows you to make payments in two ways.

Mi Band 4 includes NFC to make payments in sales positions, in the same way as with Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay using the mobile NFC or an Apple Watch smartwatch.

But it also takes advantage of the larger color screen to display QR codes that identify the user and pay in stores.

Its battery is 135mAh (125mAh in the NFC model), includes Bluetooth 5.0 to pair it to the mobile, 16MB of internal memory that you can not use and is compatible with both Android and iOS.