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Features, prices and all filtered information

It is light, simple and very cheap. The Xiaomi Band They are the most popular quantifiers for these reasons and as expected this year we will have an update that is falling, at least the leaks already tell us the news to bring.

Next Xiaomi Band 4 Repeat the same design as the other models. A small module that gets into an elastic band so you can change it to your liking whenever you want.

Xiaomi Mi 9, unboxing and first impressions

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with color screen

The news is especially in its OLED screen Although still very small, just an inch, be a color screen unlike the current one that is black and white.

Add Bluetooth 5.0, which allow to save battery when connecting to your smartphone, but in reality for such a small device not be such a drastic change from previous versions.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 filtered on

Xiaomi has been able improve the cardiac rhythm monitoring sensor, vital to not only count calories as you move, but also to improve the measurement of your heart, which can be important in different cases with people who are prone to increase their pulsations.

The battery improve, slightly. It will go from 110mAh to a 135mAh battery. This slight improvement of battery will offer a duration of about 20 days of use, which is by far one of the best functions regarding smartwatch, which should be recharged every day.

Microphone for voice assistants

One of the leaks says that it is possible for the new Mi Band 4 to integrate a microphone, which will be used to send voice commands to a virtual assistant.

Being a product of Xiaomi, we can imagine that this function is designed for its own assistant that they use in China, but it can be used with any assistant on Android, such as Google's assistant.

Payments by NFC in a premium version

Although it is not certain that it will reach the west, there will be a more expensive premium version than will include NFC to make wireless payments. This requires several important changes in Xiaomi and its software.

Xiaomi software you must allow to add access to Google Pay and that Google gives its approval, which seems most plausible if the function arrives in Europe. The other option is that Xiaomi has to reach bank-to-bank deals, which is not very efficient and is surely only suitable for China.

If we listen to the rumors and first leaks, it seems that the Mi Band 4 inherit many features and functions of the Xiaomi Hey Plus, the β€œpremium” version that is on sale in China.