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Eye with Brother

Japanese companies have curious customs. One of them is to start manufacturing simple devices to later develop complex technologies that apparently have nothing to do with their origins. An example is Yamaha whose first product was piano keys and now they make everything from audiovisual electronics equipment to motorcycles and of course musical instruments.

Today is the turn of another fun company. Brother, who, as his own name indicates, was founded by two brothers and that in 2008 he turned 100, he started manufacturing sewing machines and today he is known worldwide for his printing and fax equipment. One of the funniest I've seen recently is the GT-541 textile printer that coincidentally has a relationship with its origins. Unlike others, it prints any type of scanned image directly on the surface of a shirt (without the need for transfer or anything similar). The quality and finish … The impression is surprisingly good, in fact indistinguishable from a commercial run, and also the shirts do not require any previous or subsequent treatment. I know more than one of the fantastic custom t-shirts that are already thinking evil things, but what has surprised me the most is the new path they have taken, far, far away from the sewing machines. Based on a piezoelectric component used in the heads of their ink printers, they have developed a vision system called RSD (Retinal Scanner Display) that literally projects images inside the eye, so no screen type is necessary. It basically uses a complex system of MEMS mobile micro mirrors together with electronically controlled small lenses and lights that generate the virtual image on the retina. In theory, the system can be integrated into the pins of some glasses, in a helmet or in any type of headset and ensure that placing one of these pots oriented to each eye, it is possible to generate three-dimensional images. To this we must add the possibility of interacting with the projected using the hands, something like the virtual navigation that appears in the Johnny Mnemonic movie but maintaining the vision of the real world. Unfortunately it has not been possible to obtain any image of the product since we They asked that during the demo we leave the cameras, and we have also wanted to try it in person, since to really experience it you have to go to Japan, but the idea is there, it is not the only one, nor is it feasible to short term, but it is there. I love these things, I don't know where the spark that generates them comes from, nor in what drawer the dream of the righteous is sleeping until they mature, but it is good to know that someone out there He is inventing the future.