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Apple updates AirPods headphones with more battery, wireless charging and Siri

Apple's update week is ongoing. After the iPad and iMac, arrives the second generation of AirPods.

Apple's famous wireless headphones, which have become a whole religion and are everywhere, are updated by integrating Apple's new H1 chip. This chip is the cornerstone of the entire update since it allows to improve the connection with the iPhone.

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The Apple H1 chip allows you to quickly connect the headphones to the iPhone or iPad, it is also the culprit that the «Hey Siri» command can be used and 50% better talk time.

It does not mean that he has a 50% larger battery, but now uses half the energy used to hold a voice conversation.

Now the AirPods recognize the command "Hey Siri" without you having to do anythingIn the same way that the iPhone are listening waiting to recognize that phrase in your voice, the AirPods will do the same. In the first generation it was necessary to configure one of the headphones so that by double tapping Siri would wake up.

The new AirPods maintain the price of the first generation. they cost 179 euros with traditional case, if you want them with the new case to be compatible with AirPower, the cost goes up to 229 euros.

If you already have some AirPods that work well, they also sell the new wireless case for 89 euros.

Waiting for AirPower with a wireless charging case

The big question is the arrival of Airpower, an Apple product that has been more than a year late since its announcement. This base allows you to wirelessly charge an iPhone, an Apple Watch and the new AirPods case.

Apple encountered problems in managing the heat generated by the internal circuit, to the point where it was believed that Apple had ended the project because it was not safe.

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