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These will be the three iPhone 11 that Apple could launch this autumn

iPhone 11

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Following the same pattern started last year with the introduction of the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, Apple could launch three models of the iPhone 11 (name yet to be confirmed) with different features, in addition to different screen sizes. And with the latest details that have been known we can make an approximation of how each of the models presented will be.

No USB-C, a new haptic engine, important developments in the camera of each of the devices, both in the later and in the previous one, a new processor… we tell you the most interesting news according to the latest rumors that have appeared, below.

Three models, three screens, same processor

Apple will launch three models of iPhone 11, all with Lightning connector. The change to the USB-C connector last year with the iPad Pro made the rumors, long since dragged, that the iPhone would end up having this same connector multiply. But it seems that Apple maintains the exclusivity of USB-C with the iPad Pro precisely because of that "Pro" character and the iPhone will continue to maintain the traditional Lightning for synchronization and charging, in addition to sound transmission since there is no Jack jack for headphones.

In addition all of them will share the same processor, the A13, will again multiply the power of its predecessor and amaze us with its graphic potential. The models are already known internally as D42 (iPhone 12.3) which will be the successor to the iPhone XS; D43 (iPhone 12.5) who will replace the iPhone XS Max; N104 (iPhone 12,1) that will be the one that happens to the iPhone XR. The first two models will have an OLED screen, and the third will keep the LCD screen, all of them with the same resolution as the current ones, and it is therefore assumed that the same size.

There will be no changes in the design of the screen, the notch will remain, if perhaps perhaps smaller although it is an unconfirmed rumor and it may end up happening next year. The same Face ID identification system will be maintained for all three devices, without Touch ID neither in physical button nor integrated under the screen.

New haptic engine

There will be a change in the current haptic engine. For those who do not know what we are talking about, the haptic engine is the one that makes sure that when we type it seems that it vibrates under the keyboard, or that when we do 3D Touch it seems that there is a click under our finger. The new engine is known internally as "Leap Haptics" and it is unknown what it will bring as a novelty, but it will surely be related to the ?Haptic Touch? that will replace the 3D Touch in the new models. The technology that recognized different levels of pressure on the screen will disappear from the new models, as the Betas of iOS 13 already anticipated, and this ?Leap Haptics? will be responsible for the user not noticing the difference.

Why abandon this technology that we have finally got used to? Apple has failed to introduce it on the iPad for technical reasons, or on the iPhone XR or iPod touch, probably for economic reasons, so I would have opted for a new system that simulates that function without needing the hardware integrated in the screen. We will see the final result when they show us the new models.

IPhone XI concept

New cameras

The two most expensive models will have three rear cameras, as we are tired of seeing in the models that are spreading over the internet, with better or worse aesthetic finish. The third camera will be a wide angle that will allow you to capture much larger images. In addition to this obvious function, Apple will introduce a new feature called "Apple Frame" that will automatically capture the area around the photo and video you have taken to correct the capture later.

The front camera, increasingly important, will also improve, allowing slow motion video capture of up to 120fps. Apple is more than likely to present us with other news related to the camera, but that will be reserved for the presentation event because the details are unknown. The most "cheap" model will have two cameras, with features like the ones that the iPhone XS and XS Max have right now.

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