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The new Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is filtered in all its splendor thanks to this courteous image of Evan Blass

We already know that Samsung will present its next Galaxy Note 10 on August 7, and as usual, the avalanche of rumors and leaks is at its peak. And after having known some supposed details of the device, now comes Evan Blass, the famous @evleaks, and releases the one he claims is the first official image of the Galaxy Note 10+.

As we know, for this new version of the Galaxy Note the rumors tell us that we were for the first time before two variants, and this image will correspond to that of better features and benefits, hence the surname 'Plus'.

The leaks of the possible Samsung Galaxy Note 10 point to three rear cameras, perforated screen and minimal frames

The reduction of frames and the perforated screen in the center will be confirmed

This same week, information emerged that this Note 10+ will feature an aspect where its screen stands out with more angled corners, but now thanks to the image of Blass, we can also see that the sides have a rounded appearance which gives continuity to the design of the screen to simulate a single piece with the rest of the device.

In this image we cannot see the back, where it is said that we will have a three camera configuration, but when seeing the S-Pen and the colors on the screen, the information of the degraded color in the back takes strength. Here the rumor points to a holographic gradient that shows pink, turquoise and can tones.

  Note 10 Evleaks

On the other hand, on the top of the device we see that there is no 3.5mm headphone port, which coincides with the rumors that mention that this could be the first Note that does not have him. Of course, unless it stays at the bottom, but the readers that have come out today are not to be.

In fact, this same morning, details emerged that the Note 10 started in 256GB of storage, while the price will start from 1,000 euros.

Another detail is that Evan Blass points out that there will be two Note 10, but three, and the variants will be in the internal components, cameras and 5G connection. Fortunately, we don't have to wait long to confirm or deny all this.

Update: Evan Blass also just shared an alleged press image of Samsung's next smartwatch, the Watch Active2, which will also be presented during the next Unpacked on August 7.

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