The new Mi A3 is the gateway to the Xiaomi universe

The new Mi A3 is the gateway to the Xiaomi universe

The Xiaomi Mi A3 has been presented in Spain. After a few weeks of leaks and rumors, it is finally a unique model that arrives based on the Xiaomi CC9e recently presented in China. In case there was any doubt, it is based on the most economic model of both and there will not be a version that accompanies it this time.

In it, we see a OLED screen and a battery now much larger as great advantages, but also some steps that could easily be interpreted as a setback:

  • Snapdragon 665, an evolution on the Snapdragon 660 of the Mi A2 that is now more efficient. Made on a new, more refined process, the new chipset Qualcomm uses probably less energy, but also perform less on some tasks. In return, Xiaomi talks about an autonomous of up to two days.

  • 720p, the new screen of the Mi A3 'raises' its technological commitment by moving from the LCD to the OLED, but it does so by leaving a good part of the previous resolution. And twice: there are fewer pixels, and these are also probably PenTile, with a lower effective resolution.

A fuzzy evolution for those who expected a higher version

The Mi A that accumulate 10 million units sold shape the most recommended line of Xiaomi. Or at least it was. And it is that we do with one, we receive two great benefits in return:

  • Android One, which provides a simple and familiar experience. Without great aspirations, this lightened version always comes hand in hand with the promise of fast and constant updates for two years.

  • A unbeatable quality-price, which brings more than enough features for most users at a price that other manufacturers are far from even dreaming. At least this is the case after a few months in the market, when the final prices are deflated and the Mi A2 can be found up to half of its official and initial label.

Without a more vitaminized 'Pro' version, with exit prices that remain aesthetic compared to last year's version but with some characteristics that come to doubt between generations, only the first one is well maintained. With the lights and shadows of the new version, it is difficult to recommend this terminal to everyone without giving in strongly.

My A3, a purpose: you want more

Xiaomi Mi A3

As much relevance as accumulated in Spain for the Xiaomi Mi A line, it has never had its own vehicle. The Mi A1 and A2 came as a reissue of the Mi 5X and 6X that were distributed in China. Now that they stop being renewed, the Mi A3 lands as a re-labeling of one of the proposals of CC, the new Xiaomi youth brand.

The Mi A3, so different from its predecessors, is the re-labeling of a completely different line

Of course, the brand seeks to attract with this terminal proof of this is its effort in improved autonomy and camera, but the limitation to these features seems somewhat deliberate. So much that Xiaomi could have reissued the Xiaomi CC9 instead of the cheaper version they announce today, at the cost of raising the price slightly and then predictably lowering it. A similar movement is the one that brought the Mi 9T of the recently introduced Redmi K20, but not its Pro version.

In the absence of trying this phone thoroughly, the new edition does not bode so much joy for the public enthusiast of Xiaomi as for the brand itself. To remain a good option for paratroopers looking for a sufficient phone, but not much more than that. If you want more power or ambition on the screen, you have to think about the rest of the more advanced proposals championed in the mid-range by the Mi 9T. And with MIUI as its own software, of course.

Android One as a hook, MIUI as lentils

In the end, Xiaomi restructures its launches in its different markets in the way that it believes can work better as a whole. But perhaps trying not to step on their different proposals, the seemingly messy and extensive catalog of the brand is not so much. And that may not be good news for the enthusiast who was looking forward to an improved version of the most recommended terminal without spending too much.

Android One does then hook paper. Reliable and solid bet for anyone who can comply with the most basic. If you want more, you have to go through the MIUI ring and enter the Xiaomi universe completely.