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"The imprint of evil" a novel where they discover the murderer thanks to an iPhone X.

A crime-solved novel thanks to an iPhone X

It is not usual to comment on intrigue novels and murders in a technological blog that revolves around the Apple universe. We are always making reviews, commenting on current news about apple devices, applications, updates, screen resolutions and a thousand technical data.

Yesterday I just read the novel "The footprint of evil?From the Madrid writer Manuel Ríos San Martin. I will try to explain without spoilers why I invite you to read it.

In January 2017, Manuel Rios published his first novel, "Circles". A police thriller where a TV contestant dies live in front of the cameras. Social networks take a leading role, as the reader can interact with social networks and access online information to follow the plot of the novel.

This past June, publishes his second book, "The imprint of evil." Another detective novel that begins when some boys find the body of a young woman in the excavations of Atapuerca, in a Neardenthal tomb simulating a burial made thousands of years ago. Three investigators take the case, since it is very similar to another that they left unsolved six years earlier.

So far, a black novel like hundreds that run through bookstores and libraries, and lately, through the portals dedicated to selling ebooks. I comment this book, because for those "hooked" to Apple devices has its grace. The whole novel has clear references, some quite technical, to iPhone and its functions with iOS. They find the victim's mobile one day after being buried, and seeing that it was a brand new iPhone X, the police ask the judge to dig it up to unlock the phone ..via Face ID!

I will not reveal whether they get it or not. There is a very detailed explanation of the system you use Manzana for facial recognition. It is noted that the writer runs apple juice through his veins. In the end, they manage to discover who the killer is thanks to .. another iPhone X.

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