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the details of your migration tool

the details of your migration tool

As we mentioned in its launch, iOS 12.4 has a very interesting novelty in the first configuration wizard of compatible devices: the possibility of being able to transfer data from an old device directly to another using the Wi-Fi network or a cable, in addition to iTunes and iCloud backups.

This has raised some questions about how this new method will work, so let's answer them and see what we need to be able to take advantage of this new mode of data transfer that can save us all time.

A local transfer to avoid connection and space problems

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The first thing to be clear about is that this new migration tool only works when both devices (both old and new) have iOS 12.4 installed. That is, we cannot use the tool if only one of those devices has iOS 12.4 installed and the other has a beta or an earlier version of the system installed.

The idea of ​​this measure is to save time. Less and less people want to rely on iTunes to back up their iOS devices, which leads to using the backups in iCloud (don't even think about not backing up). But sometimes, due to a bad Wi-Fi connection or a copy that is very large and takes a long time to download to the devices from iCloud or cannot be done due to lack of storage, the recovery or migration of devices can take peacefully between one and two hours.

To solve it, this new migration tool proposes us to transfer all the data from one device to another during a migration taking advantage of its Wi-Fi connectivity or through a cable. The option be available if we choose to restore the device from a backup in the first setup wizard.

Usb Lightning Cable

You do not need anything more than those two devices if you want to do it via Wi-Fi (and that are close to each other), although you also have the possibility to do it by cable. In that case you need the Lightning to USB adapter for cameras and the Lightning to iPhone cable, having the option to connect another Lightning cable more to charge phones while migrating.

From here, do it over Wi-Fi or cable, data migration is done in the same way that restores an iPhone backup. What it takes to depend on the amount of data we have stored on the device, but it should take considerably less That with a backup stored in iCloud if our Wi-Fi is not going too fast.

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